*The Soul of the Ordinary: Midtown Arts Gala, Atlanta, GA, 2012
10,000 People Project: Art House Coop, New York, NY 2011
The Space Between: Art House Coop, New York, NY 2010
The Great Exchange: Art House Coop, New York, NY 2009
Indiana Heritage Arts Show, New Harmony Art, IN, 2004
Illinois Art Association, Springfield, IL, 2001
Lincoln Memorial Garden Nature Center, Springfield, IL, 2000
Belleville Holzschnitzers, Belleville, IL, 1980 & 1981
* solo exhibition

Jeff Davis New Haven, CT, 2010
Margaret Bodell Stratford, CT, 2010
Laurie Seeman West Nyack, NY, 2010
Katherine Watson Oklahoma City, OK, 2010
Patrick McElhaney Louisville, KY, 2010
Rebekka Price Longview, TX, 2010
Nora and Tim Russo St. Louis, MO, 2010
Stracy Cleveland Cleveland, OH, 2010
Lucia Clark Cleveland, OH, 2010
Donna Grove Alexandria, VA, 2009
Garrie Doss Chandler, AZ, 2009
Amanda Hicks Honolulu, HI, 2009
E. Folk Honolulu, HI, 2009
Patricia Bemis Steamboat Springs, CO, 2009
Kati Fithian Whittier, CA, 2009
Olivia Theisen Allentown, PA, 2009
Janet Hannikman Cleveland, OH, 2009
Christine Nguyen Austin, TX, 2008
Stan Jenks Monmouth, IL, 2008
Peggy Kulczwski Albion, IL, 2006
Dr. Dwayne Roser Albion, IL, 2004
Dr. Jane Jackman IL, 2000
Mary Beth Brown Osterholz, Germany, 1990

Jill Jenks Monmouth, IL, 2010
Marisa Crissey Atlanta, GA, 2010
Kerstin and TJ Turner Charlotte, NC, 2010
Phyllis and Gary Schafer IL, 2010
Jan Sprout Monmouth, IL, 2007
Betty Moore Monmouth, IL, 2007
Jan Jenks Monmouth, IL, 2006
Dwayne “Doc” and Kay Roser Albion, IL, 2004
Glenn Bocox Springfield, IL, 2003
Lois Weisenburg Edinburg, IL, 2003
Melina Slotnick TX, 1986

Brochure Illustration: Lois V. Stokes VA Hospital Chaplains Program Cleveland, OH, 2011
Note Card Illustration: Peace Corps Africa 2008
Fundraising Program Illustration: Jamieson Community Center Monmouth, IL, 2008-2011
Multiple Package Designs: Peace n’ Applique Quilt Store Rochester, IL, 2002 – 2004
Pattern and Textile Designs: Peace n’ Applique Quilt Store Rochester, IL, 2002 – 2004
Logo Design: US Army Iron Knights Officers Wives Garlestadt, Germany, 1990

Pencil Dust ISBN 13: 978-0-9794177-1-9, Colorbook Press, 2010
Pencil Dust Journal ISBN 13: 978-0-9794177-2-6, Colorbook Press, 2010
There Are Monsters Under My Bed ISBN 13: 978-0-9794177-0-2, Colorbook Press, 2006

Zygote Print makers Cleveland, OH 2011
Heights Arts Cleveland Heights, OH 2011
Artist in Cellophane Art-O-Mat Project 2008
Art House Coop Brooklyn, NY 2009
Art Presenter Program Monmouth, IL 2005 – 2008

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