Artist Statement

M y work is a sampling of all that clatters in my head and in my heart.  It is the deliberation of my childhood dreams and desires surfacing through the flaws and fears of a seasoned life.  Art is a feeling – an indescribable sensation of all that it means to live.  It gives tangibility to many of the things I would not otherwise know how to communicate. Creating is my way of conversing with the world around me.

I observe inspiration all around me.  My journal is full of drawings from my daily life.   Like many people, my reality is mostly one of basic survival. But in the stillness of time alone I am able to see beyond the requirements of existence into the ordinary pleasures that speak of a life well lived.  My art is simple and whimsical and not always perfect. Piece by piece, effort by effort, it tells the story of who I am.

When people experience my work, it is my hope that they recognize they are not being asked to ignore the pain, cruelty and often unfair hardships and expectations of life.  Instead, I challenge them to fight for the innocence, imagination and truth we are all so desperate to reclaim.  I want people to find refuge and possibility in the art they see before them and to be inspired to paint a metaphorical life of their own, using colors and experiences that galvanize their soul.

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