C ommissioning a piece of original artwork is more than just purchasing a painting or sculpture; it is a gratifying experience that should give you years of enjoyment as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you own the piece that the artist used to create their vision, particularly if that vision is one you connect with.  It can also prove a great investment, over the years.  Original art work is always unique, but specifically commissioning art makes it very personal to you and satisfies your exact requirements.  As artist Ken Howard once said, “We all have loved ones, loved places, loved things and there can be nothing more satisfying than making them immortal by commissioning a work of art.”

I have done many commissions over the years for individuals, companies, non-profits, churches, and schools.  From personal gifts to large scale office designs, public or private pieces, I can work with you and your budget to bring your imagination to life.  All ideas are worth exploring.

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