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I absolutely love paper!  My daughter introduced me to the joys of paper art when we lived in Germany.  It really is such a versatile medium.  Its uses are only limited to the ceaseless imagination of humanity….or the ceaseless imagination of my insanity!  Welcome to my world of paper.  Every month you will find a new set of printable items to print, cut, assemble and play with at home, or at work…I won’t tell.  The best part…’s FREE!  These are my gifts to the kid in all of us.  Have a great time.  Use the colored printables I’ve created below or print and color your own from the black and white version. 

Just promise me two things:

  •  That you WILL have fun, and…
  •  You will take videos or pictures of you playing with our printables and SEND them to me.  Play time is ALWAYS more fun when I get to share it with someone.  I can’t wait to see what you do!

All printables will require the following items to print and assemble:

  • printer (of course)
  • card stock paper (I prefer anything heavier than 80lbs…100 – 110 lbs is best. Feel free to play around with matte, glossy, vellum or specialty papers, yourself.)
  • scissors
  • glue or clear tape
  • high pitch (or low pitch, if you prefer) funny character voice to talk out loud with, while you play. This is an especially funny…um…err…fun thing to do if you’re by yourself. Please send me videos of you doing this! Those are my FAVORITE! I love to post others having fun with my creations.


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                      Print                            Cut                              Glue                        Play



If you would like  a copy of the Red Truck        Click here “Jim’s Truck”

Print out your PDF drawing on white card stock.

Cut the truck out and glue front and back together.  Punch a hole where the mirror is and add a cord or ribbon.  It makes a fun gift tag or you can hang it from the mirror in your car or truck.





Cut and color your own mustache and mouth.  …How cool are we?

Click here to print your mouth and mustache.












Click here for Flying Disc







I designed some flying fish for the fishermen out there.  Follow the instructions listed below and have fun with the family.

Click here to download PDF.




St Patrick’s Day is around the corner.  I made a table top spinner for you to cut and assemble.  It’s very easy and fun.  The instructions are below.

“Click Here to download PDF”


Cut Out Book Markers

I have designed these cute book markers to be used in your favorite book.  Print on card stock paper and cut out.


Starting at the arrows (Fig.1), fold from one corner to the center.  Repeat with the other corner. (Fig.2)  Tape the back together and It is ready to fit in the corner of your page. (Fig.3)












It’s time for Valentine’s Day and I have made some candy bar covers.  These cute drawings fit perfect on the mini candies or the regular size.  Print one sheet for a few candies or print lots and fill a basket full of candy that will bring chocolate covered smiles to who ever receives this fun gift.

You can see how cute this project is. . .Have fun and fill the day with love and chocolate!






Why do coffee cups get all the fun of having their own cozy?  Ok, I’ll give you – they are hot…and need one….but that’s not a good enough reason to deprive other foods of the same joy of a fashionable accessory.




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