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September 24, 2012










I’m intrigued by the moon especially a full moon.  There is something magical about it.









September 21, 2012

My daughter, Christy, and I were driving through the neighborhood and saw this old chair by the side of the road.   We looked at each other; she stopped the car as I jumped out to put the chair in the trunk.   When we got home, we noticed the front right leg was broken off; more than a recuse was needed, a repair was in order.  It sat around the house for several weeks and we were on the brink of tossing it out to the curb for trash pick-up when I got an idea.  A leg is needed so a leg I would give it.

Taking the chair to the basement workshop I made my plans and drawings.  A leg was cut out of a nice hard wood.  There was sanding, carving, more sanding and finally the leg was glued to the chair.    Holes were drilled and filled with more glue.  I tapped the dowels into the holes knowing this would give it the strength needed to last.  When it was dry there was more sanding and touch ups.  It fit beautifully all that was needed was paint.  Easy job.  I chose my colors and got to work.  I like black and white stripe socks, so that’s what I painted.   Checking my work then letting it dry it was ready for a coat of protective varnish.  After more than eight hours of work, I sat in my new old chair.  It brought a big smile to my face.  The rescue was worth every hour I spent giving this chair a second chance at serving it’s new owner.







September 5, 2012


My husband, Jim, bought his dream truck (well, almost dream truck) a few years ago.  It’s a very nice truck if I do say so.

Our Granddaughter, Fiona, loves Pop-Pop Jim’s truck. When she comes over, she’ll ask for a ride in the big red truck.  The car seat is installed in the center back seat and Fiona gets buckled in.  They are off for a ride!  Sitting tall, she has a great view.  She’ll point out a passing bus, colorful sports cars or bark as she sees a dog in a passing car.

Fiona was thrilled when I sent her a drawing of Pop-Pop Jim’s red truck.  Now when I see his truck, all I see is a cartoon, probably not the image Jim wanted for his truck.

Click here to see how you can get your copy of the cartoon truck.


August 31, 2012

I have posted more art for the “Called Back To Haiti” Fundraiser to help Marylee Lewis and the work she is doing in Haiti.  These are just three of the 21 prints you’ll see and are able to purchase by clicking on the following link. . .